Luton no-dig drain relining

For an easy, efficient and affordable way to bring your drains back to full working order, no-dig relining and patch repairs is often the best way. We work across the whole of the Luton area, so to discuss your options, and find out if this method is suitable for you, call us today.

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No-dig technology explained

No-dig drain relining, and patch repair work is a fairly simple way to repair all types and sizes of pipes, and can be used for large areas, or just small sections which are damaged.

It usually involves an initial CCTV drain inspection to identify where the damage is, and the extent of it. The pipes would be thoroughly cleaned during the process to help with this, and also help ensure the repairs are more effective.

A lining is then installed into the pipe, using air pressure or water pressure. This then adheres to the existing pipe, and once the new lining has dried it fully restores the integrity of your drain.

Patch repairs are also used when smaller sections of the drains are damaged and need repairing.

Why choose no-dig relining

There are many reasons why drain relining may be the ideal answer to your drainage woes:

  • Non-destructive method means no excavation work is necessary.
  • Work is completed in shorter time minimising disruption to your family or business.
  • Cost effective and efficient solution – the lining will last years.

Reliable and efficient Luton service, and customer satisfaction

We have been carrying out drain relining and patch repair work using the latest no-dig technology for years. With extensive experience, and many happy customers over the years, contact us today on 01582 742990.