Root infestation removal in Luton

Tree root infestation can cause major problems to your drains, reducing the flow or completely blocking them. We cover the whole of the Luton area, so call us today for a quick, easy and affordable solution.

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The extent of the problem

While trees are an essential part of life – after all they do produce the oxygen we need to breathe – they’re not essential to drainage systems. On the contrary, they’re an absolute pain and can cause extensive damage to your drains, and as a follow on, your home or business, and the surrounding area.

It doesn’t take much for a tree root to get into a drain or sewer. Their taproot system is attracted by the water and other nutrients on offer in these spaces, and they will often enter through a joint in the pipes, or a small crack. Once in there, secondary roots start to grow which expand to fill the space. This causes further cracks which will lead to blockages, and eventually the collapse of the pipe.

How we can help

We employ a range of methods, usually starting with a CCTV survey to get to the root (literally) of the problem, and to fully understand the extent of the damage.

  • High pressure water jetting
  • Specialist robotic cutters
  • Excavation of the affected area

Whatever we do, you can be certain we’ll only do what’s absolutely necessary to effectively deal with the infestation.

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As a leading company in the drainage contractor industry, there are many reasons why you should choose us:

  • The quality of our work – when we do something, we do it properly
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  • Value for money - Our work stands the test of time
  • Customer Satisfaction – this is very important to us

Whatever the extent of the problem, we are here to help. Call us today on 01582 742990.