We clear blockages with the minimum fuss

Do you have a drain blockage which is making your life difficult? Across Walton and Woughton, we specialise in unblocking and de-cluttering the most stubborn of build-ups. Don't delay, call in the drain unblocking experts.

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A reputation for service in Walton and Woughton

For many, blocked drains are not just 'inconvenient' but a source of great misery. Besides the foul-smelling stink, they can cause baths and showers a lifetime to empty and render toilets unusable. Quite simply, there is never a good time for them!

Since 2006, we have built a reputation for dedicated service in Walton and Woughton. Be it small residential properties to retail businesses, clubs and restaurants, our expert operatives are highly trained in locating and removing drain blockages - at affordable prices.

Drain jetting

And for the stubborn, hard-to-remove objects which make the usual cleaning impossible, our high-pressure jetting service is unbeatable. So why hang around? Call us, and we'll arrange the best possible time to fix your problem.

Our drain services

  • CCTV monitoring, to locate the source of the blockage
  • Drain de-scaling
  • Relining/patch repairs
  • Re-cutting
  • Tree root infestation removal
  • Drain excavation

We're all-inclusive..

If you're worried that your blockage is part of a larger problem that will come back to haunt you time and again, don't be! We can test other drains that may be affected, and make sure your property is fit for use.

We also take care of installation of the new drain, and carry out general plumbing work so you don't have to look elsewhere if you have related problems to deal with. Think of us a one-stop shop when it comes to drains and pipes.

And rest assured, we tidy up properly after every job! Our aim is to make life easier for you, not give you more work to think about. Call us now on 01908 799 649.